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Catia V5R20 large asse - going really slow....


New member
Hi guys.
You are my last hope to solve my problem.
I have problem to work with my product - machine, that has in real world 17m lenght, 2m width and 1,5m height. Assemble has now over 5000 of parts (bearings, circlips, rollers, frames, pins, screws, guards etc. Until the model had ~2000-2500 parts was ok. Rotation, zooming etc was working perfect. But model is still growing (in final version be more then 10000 parts) and i have problem with fps drop during moving product. Smaller pieces working perfect on maximum details. But whole model does not. I can "cut" details when model is in motion but way how it looks then make me angry.
I installed T-flex CAD for tests, opened in it this product and with AA on max and all fancy graphic futures turned ON there was no problem to move/rotate the model.
In CATIA I Have CGR on, am working with cache system etc.

What to do? It's upsetting situation because I know Catia well, its really easy and clear for me (was trying SolidWorks, Inventor and T-Flex - and for me were nightmare do something there), and learing next software to comfortable work with huge asse making me scare.

Please help!

My hardware/software:
Win 10
M6600 Precision Workstation with i7 2760qm, 16GB (1600MHz) of RAM, SSD (500Mb read/write), K5100m overclocked more then 780GTX clocks.