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CATIA V6 Green Triangle on Sketch icon in tree

I am having an issue where most of my sketches, including those on brand new parts, become invisible when I exit the sketch. Not hidden, as they are not visible in hidden space.
The sketches that do this have a small green triangle on the upper left hand of the sketch icon in the tree. (Image attached)

I searched several forums, but could not find anyone mention this. Any help would be appreciated.



Super Moderator
I don't know what the green triangle represents, but I found another example of it in a 3DExperience version of CATIA. It doesn't appear on any of the other sketches.

Have you tried the online Help? (click on the Sketch command and hit F1)



Super Moderator
Thanks Ricky. Is the green triangle in 3D Experience only, or does it appear in CATIA V5/V6 also? (I'm currently using V52020, and I haven't seen this)

Any idea why the green-marked sketches become invisible after exiting from the sketch?


New member
Image below shows a fully constrained sketch and an unconstrained sketch in V5R2020.
The Green indicates a fully constrained sketch.
220107 Image016.jpg

Image below shows the same for V6R2022
220107 Image017.jpg

In the view toolbar (then view modes)there is an option to filter out wireframe.
This will filter out the sketch from being visible once the sketch is exited.
I assume that this is the problem.
220107 Image019.jpg

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