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Catia V6 sheet metal


Hi! Is it possible to give more than one sheet metal parameters in Catia V6 sheet metal?

I have two cases when I need it but havent managed to do it:
-Sheet metal part with different bend radius. For example 5mm thickness with 2 bends R5 and R10.
-Multibody part with different thickness sheets. For example welded sheet metal part that has 5mm and 10mm thickness plates.

With solidworks I can do all of this but I dont know is it possible with Catia.

Thank you,
I don't think you can have more than one set of sheetmetal parameters per part with CATIA

You can always over-ride the default radius to change a bend to whatever radius you want.

I've never seen a multi-body sheetmetal part. I would make each piece as a single CATPart, and them assemble them in a CATProduct or a CATPart.

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