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CATIA View Parametrs


New member
Hello all! could you help me!? how can I get visualisation like in picters, for check surfaces qvality


Thank you!


Super Moderator
These pictures don't look like CATIA. What do the red curves indicate? What does the orange surface mean?

To visually check a CATIA model for surface quality, use the Surface Curvature Analysis tool. Make sure you change the view mode to Shading With Material first.

The CADCAM-Group did a nice job explaining how the Surface Curvature Analysis tool works: https://www.cadcam-group.eu/catia-v5-surface-curvature-analysis
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New member
I think what you have on the screen is a material view on a surface that has a material assigned. Nothing more, what you marked with the red curves (differences between colors on the surface) is actually a displaying error of your GPU or maybe a photo of a monitor taken by phone?. It means that the graphics card quality of the PC is pretty low as we can see the color of the material is not uniform. This has nothing to do with surface quality - especially in places that you marked. Apart from what MrCATIA posted above - you can just subjectively judge how the patches are connected with each other. For example:

for me this area is crap, the radius shift is too big on a very little distance.

Also this guy here looks nasty, looks like a bunch of radiuses that had eaten each other.


New member

If i zoom into any surface close enough you can see that the horizontal stripes are there - but the surface is actually a circle with some draft so the quality should be perfect. As you can see it has nothing to do with quality. It's just how your graphic card renders your geometry with the default CATIA light setting so the model doesn't lag too much while moving around it.


New member
Thank you! All!, this is picterse exectly from catia, printscreen!, no foto! and yes with a matireal assigned.
Bouta!,Yes i see that, and have to rewok it also)