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New member
Is there a way to make centerlines part of the model?

I want the centerlines to move in the drawing when I
have performed an update. It isn't always easy to tell
when a centerline has been messed up.

Yes, I know my thought process is off the wall sometimes.
That is what makes me a good engineer! :D

Brew ha ha.....I thought of one method after typing this!
I could put the centerlines in sketch. I would have to
delete them out of any math data translations though.


Super Moderator
I'm not sure I understand the question

Yes, you can make lines and circles and splines in the 3D model, and change the graphic properties to a centerline type. You could do it in a sketch, if you want.

On drawings, centerlines are automatically added to all circular features, if you have the Generate Center Lines option turned on

Or if you do draw your own centerlines or sketches in 3D and you want to project them onto the drawing, make sure you have the Project 3D Wireframe option turned on


(you can set these Tools Options before adding the views, or change the View Properties on existing drawings)