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Change part for production, but not in assemblies


New member

What is the correct strategy, in CATIAV5, if you have a part that is used in an assembly, and you want to produce it, for example by 3d printing. Then the part changes in production and does not actually fit in the assembly. Is there a way to add production features on a part, eg. draft angles and stuff, but still keeping the original for use in the assembliy design in catia. What is the correct strategy here?



Super Moderator
The strategy that many companies use; make two parts in CATIA: one for production (as-built) and the other or assembly (as-used).

The method to easily accomplish this; model the as-built part first. Then Copy and Paste Special, With Link the As-Built PartBody into the As-Used part so there is a link back to the As-Built part. Then remove whatever features (draft, drilled holes, machining, etc) from the copied bodies. Whatever changes are made to the As-built part will be passed to the As-used part.

(Once the link is established, use File + Save Management to maintain the link when modifying and/or renaming these two parts.)


New member
Exactly what i was looking for. I think the order is reverse in my case though, as i design the parts for as used, and then modify it for the production.

Thank you very much for your input.