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Change the coordinates of airfoil


New member
I import some airfoils into catia from a database, but now I am looking for a fast way to change all the coordinates of the points, since there are hundreds of points that is too many to modify one by one.
So what can I do if I only want to change the x-coordinates of all points? (points lie on yz plane)

And, is there anyway I can change a airfoil with one another by one click? Maybe there's a table or something...
That's the problem.



Super Moderator
Changing the actual coordinates in CATIA is difficult, unless you write a little program or script.

One alternative, is to create the actual airfoil curve and then translate the curve to the location.

Another alternative is to create a second Axis System so the coordinates are where you want them, relative to the other axis.

It might be easiest to modify the original points in the database and re-import into CATIA.


Super Moderator
Another solution is to use the points where they are to create the airfoil and ultimately the entire wing (based on the "wing coordinate system") in the Wing CATPart

Then add the wing to the airplane CATProduct (based on the "airplane coordinate system") and use assembly constraints to position and rotate the wing in to it's position. You can also mirror the wing to get the left side.
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