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Changing the 1000's of TEXT on the existing drawing


New member
I have around 40 Drawings and each drawing has round 30 instruments. Each instrument has a TAG(text name) (eg TI 1001, PT 0403). However our CAD drafters have put the tags as text and not as attributes. Now the client wants us to change the format in with the tags are (eg 1210TI 101A, 1329PT 205). Is it possible to generate a EXCELL spreadsheet from AUTOCAD---change the tags to new format ---import it back into AUTOCAD so that the names can automatically be changed.

I would appreciate if anyone can give some inputs.


New member
You can find a lisps with name "cht.lsp" which does function of changing text . I have used in past but I am unable to find now.

What that lisp does is as follows

1. Select the text individually , i.e. one by one.
2. Then run the lisp.
3. It has option of changing text individually.
4. The text would appear in same order as you have selected earlier. Then you can individually edit the text one by one.

If I get it I will let you know.

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Changing text content

So as our friend tkelly said, you can use a lisp to change you text content, but to be honestly I don't know how to do that, but I have a Tip that may help you...

If you leave only your text layer on, and pick all text that you wanna change and go on proprieties (just pressing PR or CH and ENTER), then there on tag text is the attribute content (value that you have) if you have various will be various.... So you can change all on the same time from there... but you have to do drawer by drawer.
It's faster than do one by one... but I don't know the fastest way to solve that.

I hope that helps...