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Cheaper alternative to Catia?


New member
Hi There,

I've been trained in Catia, but it's way too expensive for me to afford it on my own. Would anyone be able to recommend me a cheaper alternative, or at least an equivalent software but with just one payment instead of a lease.

I'm an Industrial Designer, so I mainly use GSD, Part body and freestyle for its surface analysis, that's basically it. I had a play around with Solidworks but the interface seems quite limited compared to Catia (in my humble, inexperienced opinion :) )

I've heard a lot of noise about 'Catia Lite' in the past, but nothing seems to have surfaced, I don't suppose anyone knows anything about that?

Thanks very much for the advice!



Super Moderator
There are several apps for Industrial Design modeling: Rhino, ICEM, Alias are some of the most popular. Search for CAID to find more. But I have no idea how much they cost or how they compare to CATIA.

AutoCAD would be a cheaper alternative. So would Draftsight. But you only get what you pay for.

Marcelo Viana

New member
Also do dassault systemes have a price list site for catia?
It have so much modules that is hard to figure out the real price of the thing.