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Clash discordance


New member

Hi guys
As u can see in the picture, in this assembly, I gave a negative value to offset constraint between 2 faces of the components in order to intersect them. (If u zoom the pic u can see that the offset value is -5mm)
Now, applying the clash analyisis the result shows an intersection of 4,99 (in my previous attempt it showed 4.98)
How's possible?
Are there any tolerances to be set?
Has someone an answer?
Lotta thanxx guyz


Super Moderator
There is a description in the CATIA Online Help Documentation called "About Interference Analysis" that explains how the clash value is calculated. It's not as simple as one would think.

To try to summarize: the clash is based on tessellated versions of the geometry (based on sag), so it is an approximation to the true value.

I use the Clash tool to only find the interference areas, and then I zoom in and use the Measure Between tool to calculate the true interference between the parts I'm concerned about.
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