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Cloud based server for Solid Edge data


Has anyone found a cloud server (like dropbox.com) where I could work from within Solid Edge?

I tried dropbox.com and it was working great until I started saving while in edit. Solid Edge saves then deletes. Once dropbox got the delete command from SE it then deleted the last saved file. I could restore the file on the dropbox website, but it was at a previous save and not on my last save command. This bug was intermittent.

I'd like to find a cloud based server where I can put my project folders. What I liked about dropbox was that the files were on my hard drive, but as soon as changes were made (on my hard drive) my changed files updated to dropbox's servers. I could then go to a different location from a different computer and pull the data from the dropbox server. No more emailing files or memory sticks.

Any ideas on what I could use?

I'm using one other cloud server for sharing and storage of my file on the internet. I got my server hosting from Cloud People based in Australia. My server allow me to easily share my storage data with other users which are connected with me through my server. You can also try this.

Solid DNA

New member
How about Microsoft skydrive

Skydrive folder will be shown on you pc as a folder under your user name

I never try it so not sure how it will behave, but it sure worth a try.