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Comparing 3D scan models with reference models in Catia


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Dear all

I have received 3D scans of hoses we manufacture and i would like to compare them to reference models. Only package that is available to me is Catia. This is the first time I am dealing with this and the problem is the files i got back are open shell in STEP format. My goal is to compare the shape of the tube via the coordinates of the points from the reference model. I attached the 3D scan file to this message.
If anyone has any ideas how to compare the models in Catia, please....

For some reason I'm not able to attach the scanned model, so I added the link

Download Hose.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
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With the STEP license, you can open the scanned models in CATIA.

I'm not sure if the reference model is a 3D CATIA file. If not, you'll have to model this reference data in CATIA.

Then create an assembly, and insert the scanned model and the reference data. You may have to position one or both to get them superimposed on each other. Make each one a different color and it should be pretty obvious (visually) if there are any differences.


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To add to my previous post, here's another method that might help you:

(this method is less visual and more CAD based)

Convert the scanned model from surface (shell) to a solid. Same with the reference data, if it's not already solid geometry.

Use the Generate CATPart From Product tool to get a single part file with each model represented in Bodies.

Using Operations (in Part Design workbench), remove the scanned body from the referenced data body. This will highlight any differences. Repeat in reverse, removing the reference data body from the scanned body to check that way. If the Remove Operation results in nothing, both bodies are exactly the same!


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Too late to help this poster, but for anyone who is interested in CAD comparison, whether it is point to part or part to part:

If you want to compare scanned geometry to a CAD authority model, you can do it with TransMagic's free evaluation version, which has the comparison software, MagicCheck, as part of the eval. To do it, you need the scanned geometry as points, or as a CAD model. If using points, that's called Point to Part, and the points have to be either in the part file you're comparing it to, or you need to import the points a CSV or another format where X, Y and Z values are ordered. Then you'll be analyze how close each point is to the actual surface of the authority model. If your scanned geometry is already a 3D CAD part, you can use a Part to Part method, and TransMagic MagicCheck will show you where your scanned model is within a tolerance of your authority model, and where it is not, by creating a heat map.

Here's some more info on comparison: https://transmagic.com/cad-comparison/