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Complex form help


I am needing to be able to model a set of ski/snowboard goggle frames (similar to the ones at the link shown for example) and have been having some major troubles. The problem I have been having is that the frame must curve in two different ways, (both with the face horizontally and vertically) I have tried multiple different approaches and none of them turned out very well. If I am able to attain the form, I am unable to manipulate it because virtually all of the surfaces are rounded. Also, the frame has inconsistencies in shape making lofting not work very well. Basically what I am asking is, if you were to make this object, how would you go about it. I will take any advice or pointers I can get.

So far my best luck has been by:

Creating a projected sketch onto a curved surface
Use that sketch as the frame perimeter
From there I tried lofting and sweeping and neither of them turned out very well

What you have to do is attack it with surface modeling alone, use 3D sketches. Import an image of goggles (you can take a pic with your dig cam) in 3 views and derive the basic 3D sketches from there. it will also help you understand the complexity of the job. Maybe try one of those vehicle tutorials first, as that will be the foundation for your surface modeling.