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Complex loft with curved terminus

I hope that a highly skilled designer here can advise me on a method for creating a loft that terminates at a curve. I'm creating eyeglass frames and the bridge needs to merge with the eyeglass surround. I can't extend past and cut the overflow because the loop has a complicated profile. I thought about one method of creating four surrounding sketches, but don't have enough experience with that. I intend to 3D print this and run steel wire where the circles are as a reinforcing element.
If you can name a technique to solve this, then I'm happy to research it, I just don't know what feature to use.
Thank you very much in advance for the help.



New member
One can tell its not solid as you have open edges (the blue edges). However, just for clarification, you are able to mirror surfaces in SolidWorks.

My initial thoughts wouldn't have been to use a boundary surface, though It's very hard to tell what you have done/want to achieve from just the pictures,

You have the profile at one end, I would look at creating the profile at the other end, probably by trimming that curved surface in your inital picture


that way you can loft between the two profiles and use your side curves as guide curves

Also I would really recommend adding realtions and dimensions to your sketches to fully define them where possible. This is just good common proactice for normal sketches, but very useful in f lofts and sweeps to avoid any twisting.

Attach your part and I would be happy to take a look if i get chance, that way i could give you better advice


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