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"configuration manager" vs "property manager" ?



Could anybody explain me the difference between the "configuration manager" and the "property manager", please?
When should I use one and when the other?
I've read it but it seems almost the same for me.


New member
SolidWorks Clarification


Property Manager is provided to control the attributes of an entity created inside SolidWorks environment. This could be a sketch, part feature, dimension or any other entity associated with a part or an assembly. However, Configuration Manager is used to define a family of parts/ assemblies based on features and their dimensions. This is akin to Family Tables in Pro/Engineer, if you have used one. Part or Assembly variants can be controlled using Configuration Manager. For example, a casting can be designed as a configuration and the machined version of the casting can be a configuration. When the casting geometry changes, the machining version would get updated in a unified environment. It is a powerful facility that can be exploited in more ways than one and is left to the imagination of the designer.

Hope this clarifies the question.

Best regards


Thank you for your comprehensive explanation.

I understand what the configuration manager is for.
But, can't the Property Manager be also used to produce Part or Assembly variants?