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Conical Spring


New member
Hello everybody,

This is my first post here (new member).

Am trying to simulate the response of a conical spring (non-linear). I have created the spring in CATIA and am trying to run the analysis in ANSYS. Though the results aren't what they are supposed to be (am always getting a constant k). On a conical spring there should be an increasing of the k factor (stiffness) for every coil that becomes inactive (image attached).

My question here is if there is a way to do that analysis in CATIA. So, I want to simulate the way the conical spring behaves on certain loads. The compression of the spring, when a coil contacts another coil etc. At the end i would be able to get the exact Load/Displacement curve.

An idea is to create the spring using multiple half-coils and connect them together and then select each coil as a contact element in Ansys. I don't really know how to do that or if it will work.

If you have any ideas or a solution to that it will be of major help.

Thanks in advance!!