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connecting parts in an assembly


New member
Hello all!

I'm new to SolidWorks..only a little experience with it...and I'm trying to create an assembly out of two separate parts. My component X and my component Y are in the shape of a rectangular box. I want them to match up so they are attached to each other on their side faces. They need to be securely attached for when I run different testing simulations on them.

Would anyone be able to guide me into the right direction as how to make sure they are truly locked together?

Also, I find it hard to get them at the same angle and same plane.

I've been using mates and the move/rotate component functions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



New member
Using mates should be the easiest way. Can you post some pictures showing what you need and what you geeting. If you can upload parts/assembly also, someone may do a check of what you might be doing wrong.