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Constraints between two sketches


New member
Hello, my friends

Is it possible to create constraints between two different sketches placed on the same plane or in parallel planes?

Thank you.


Super Moderator
No. Constraints cannot be directly made between two sketches.

But, you can project the geometry from one sketch into the current sketch and constrain to the projected (Mark) feature.


New member
Thank you

I asked this because I tried to do it and I haven't found any problems or any kind of warning from Catia.
It seems I can't upload any more pictures but I have one with two rectangles drawn in two different sketches each. It's all green. The only "error" I got was from sketch analysis tool that doesn't recognize the dimensions of the bigger rectangle (offset unknown). But it doesn't make any mention to the constraints between the two sketches.


I have not a lot of experience, but I usually constraint a sketch n.for example 10 in the tree to one or more sketches numbered <10. If instead I want to constraint sketch n.5 to sketch n.10, I move sketch 5 after 10, or, if not possible, I copy it on another sketch after 10 and then make the constraints. Hope this is what you were looking for.