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Constraints & Formulas


New member
OK, both my boss and I spent about two hours yesterday messing with the parameter and formula stuff and couldn't figure out how to do what we wanted to do.

First off:

How do you use IF statements in formulas to control dimensions? We were trying to create 1 dimension with multiple values and have it control 3 others. We then tried creating a parameter with a series of string values ("Laden hight level", "Unladen Height level", "laden height full bump" etc) but then couldn't figure out how to define each of the values.

The next thing:

ProE has a tangency constraint and we can't find anything similar in Catia. We would like to build our models so that we can change and modify them with 1 dimension and the constraints will move everything else around.... however, that is VERY difficult when you can't have a flat surface move tangent to round one.

Mike- I assume you're asking about Assembly Constraints in your second question about tangency:

I had a similar requirement, and what I did was add an Offset (distance)constraint between the flat surface and the center axis of my circular part, make the offset distance match the radius.

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