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Constraints options


New member
Hi guys, i am new to this Forum. I have a problem with Catia sketch... Why can´t I fully define the constraints of my figure?
When drawing a rectangle e.g., I fix and put lenghts but still is white.
I think I have to go to Options>Mechanical design or something, but can´t find the solution.

Thank you in advance


Super Moderator
It takes many constraints to fully define a sketch, and it's much easier if you let CATIA create most of them for you automatically.

Edit your sketch and look for the Sketch Tools toolbar (it's probably in the top menu near the center); look for the two icons that are on the right side of the toolbar below
sketch tools.jpg

and click on both of them to make them active (orange), like above.

These icons will automatically add geometric constraints and dimensional constraints - so you will only have to add the size and location constraints to make everything fully constrained (green).

Now make a new rectangle and add the lengths and distances from the H and V axis, and see if it's easier for you.
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