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Contracted or "freelance" work from home...Your Thoughts?


New member
Hello everyone. I just joined this website today to find some answers. I currently work for a growing company in Clifton Springs, NY. I am a mechanical designer for the Military/Aerospace department and I enjoy working on the products that i design. But over the last few months, I’ve developed several reasons why i feel ready to move on from here.

I'm becoming very tired with working in a cubical. There are so many distracting co-workers around me. The lack of good work habits is almost diminished and office politics and gossip are out of this world here. Not to mention, once one person gets sick, everyone gets sick.

I've been here for almost 3 years now using pro-e. I've become quite acquainted with it. I would like to stick with the engineering field, but at the leisure of my own home on a laptop that I can carry around with me.

Is there anyone else out there that does anything similar? Are jobs hard to find? I’m very new with the idea and havent researched much of it. This is kind of a starting point for me. I appreciate all of your input in advance. Thank you


New member
Hey Abbott,
did you get any answer to that?
I am having exactly the same problem. would be interested in knowing what you found out... working from my laptop to some small-mid size projects would be ideal...
you could contact me at [email protected]



VB.NET programmer for NX

We need a programmer to develop NX Mechanical Design automation applications (using VB.NET). Part-time, remotely located consultants OK