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Convert CATIA 2014 DWG to CATIA 2013 DWG


New member
I am running CATIA 2014, and have made a drawing. I need to give this drawing to someone running CATIA 2013. I am running into all kinds of compatibility issues.

I have tried the following:

Using Tools\Utility\Downward Compatibilty, but this works for parts and products but not drawings.

I tried saving as a DXF, then having him open it, but it was scaled down from the original size ... so it works "kind of."

Does anyone know of a way to either convert a CATIA drawing to a previous CATIA drawing version, or export a CATIA drawing into a format that can be opened and converted by a previous version of CATIA?

I would appreciate any ideas.


New member
I have a need to convert a drawing file from 2014 to 2013.

I have tried using Tools\Utility\Downward Compatibility, but got an error message that it does not work with drawings.

I tried saving as a DXF, and then having the other guy open with 2013, but it re-scales it ... so it "kind of" works ...

Does anyone know how to get a drawing from CATIA 2014 to 2013, ether by conversion or exportation?



Super Moderator
DXF can be used to convert your drawing to an older release of CATIA.

The "scaling down" probably is the result of some inch/metric conversion. Try this: have the other guy go to Tools + Options + General + Compatibility, then find the DXF page across the top (scroll to the middle of the pages). Try setting his UNIT OF THE FILE import option to AUTOMATIC, and then he can try opening your DXF drawing file again.

If this doesn't work, try changing the settings to match whatever standards your drawings are in (ANSI, inch, etc.)
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