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correspondences between NURBS representation within STEP file and NURBS representation within VBscript CATIA V5.



I have a problem related to the reconstruction of forms (GSD) via VBscript, and I hope that someone can help me.

Indeed, I work on a project of reconstruction of the free-form via macro vbs.

My geometrical input data are the data of curves and surfaces on STEP (B-spline_curve_with_knots).

We consider here the case of a single spline / Nurbs.

On STEP is defined as follows:

B-spline_curve_with_knots : name, degree, control_point_list , curve_form , closed_curve , self_intersect , Knots_multiplicities , knots , Knots_spec .

Using a software that I developed to do the extraction I manage to recover all the data of the B-spline_curve_with_knots , However I don't know how to reuse this information to reconstruct the corresponding spline in Catia V5 via VBs.

Knowing that on Visual Basic script we can define the spline points, the tengences, tension ...

What is the relation between the attributes of the B_spline_with_knot on STEP file and the spline attributes on Catia (tengences , tension , curvature ...) ?

Do not hesitate to give me indications or research tracks.

Thanks for your help.

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