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Create and Share 3D Interactive Assembly Instructions Using cadasio


New member
cadasio is cloud based software that will create interactive 3D assembly and service instructions straight from your Inventor CAD data.

The instructions created in cadasio are fully interactive, allowing your customers to rotate, zoom and pan your models to get a greater understanding of your product.

Markup such as text, labels, images and hotspots are available as well as inbuilt animations that really bring your products to life.

Since cadasio is cloud based, you build and view your projects within your browser. This means no expensive specialised hardware is required to create or view your models and you can share your 3D instructions with anyone, whether they are using a mobile, tablet or desktop.

cadasio is extremely easy to use, with no training course required. We have several videos to help you get started and an Inventor Plugin so you can send your CAD files directly to cadasio.

cadasio is free to join, so why not give it a go!



New member
I thought I would just update the post to let everyone know we are now out of Early Access. We have had some great feedback which has helped us enhance the software a lot of the last few months and we will continue to develop more and more features to make it the best software for creating and delivering 3D interactive assembly instruction and product guides.

I know some of our early adopters came from this forum, so thanks for everyone that checked us out and for all your positive and valuable feedback.

Our Inventor app is actually now available in the app store, here's a link for full instructions for those who are interested and also a quick video showing it in action