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Create the (Product+3DShape) couple Catia V6


New member
Hello everyone,
I've been spending days trying to figure out how to create a Product then place in a 3DShape inside this product created, I tried this code below:

Sub CATMain ()
'-----create a product 
dim oNewService As PLMNewService2
set oNewService = CATIA.GetSessionService("PLMNewService2")
Dim oEditor As Editor 
oNewService.PLMCreate "VPMReference",oEditor

'------for the next line i want to add a 3DShape to this product I've created 
oNewService.PLMCreate "3DShape",oEditor  'the 3dshape is created alone in a new window  
End Sub
as you can see in the code above, I have problem adding a 3DShape to the product ,
for more details , in V5 I can do that using the code below :

Sub CATMain ()
dim documents1 As Documents 
set documents1=CATIA.Documents
dim productdocument1 As ProductDocument
set productdocument1=documents1.Add("Product")
dim products1 As Products
set products1=productdocument1.Products
dim product2 as product
set product2=products1.AddNewComponent("Part","")
End Sub
Any hint is really appreciated!