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Creating a 3D model view from 2D drawings


New member
I have cross-sectional 2D drawings that I want to transform into a 3D model view and subsequently a 3D rendering. When a drawing is open, the 3D dialogue: Tools-> Create 3D asks for a template to work from, either an assembly, a part or a sheet-metal part. It doesn't mention drawings. So how exactly can I get a 3D model view from 2D drawings?

Solid DNA

New member

The create 3D command is intent to make the bridge between a pure 2D profile and a 3D part.

Basicaly, this command will ask you to select the front, side and top view in the draft.

Once the views are collect, select the environment you wish to send those views.

Solid Edge will copy and paste those views on the corresponding plane for you.

Once this is done, simply use the modeling command to create you part. Make sure you select from sketch. If need you may have to edit the paste sketch.

If the 2D information represent an assemby layout and as such is being send to an assembly file; you will have to create a part in the context of the assembly. Then use the project curve command to project 2D elements from the assembly latout sketch to the part.
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