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Creating a Fully Defined Circle in solidworks 2016


New member
In this section we will sketch a circle to help understand the difference between a fully defined and an under defined Part . Start a New Part drawing and click the Top plane tool as defined in
1. Click the Sketch tab. (It may already be activated.)
2. Click the Circle tool.
3. Locate the cursor on the origin, click the mouse, and drag the cursor away from the origin center point.
Note that the Coincident relationship symbol appears next to the origin, indicating that the center point of the circle is located on the origin.
4. Click the mouse to define a sketch radius for the circle. This is a temporary radius, that is, a sketched radius, and is not the final radius. The circle will be blue, indicating that it is not fully defi ned. See Figure 1

5. Click the Smart Dimension tool on the Sketch panel.
6. Click the circle and move the cursor away from the circle. A dimension will appear. See Figure 2 .
7. Select a location for the dimension and click the mouse.

The circle will initially be blue, not fully defined, until the mouse is clicked, locating the circle’s dimension. When the mouse is clicked, the circle will turn black; it is now fully defined. We know the circle’s diameter
and location.
When the mouse is clicked, the Modify dialog box will appear. The sketched diameter value will be listed in the box. This sketched diameter value is now the circle’s diameter until we enter a new value.
8. Enter a diameter value for the circle. In this example a value of 2.00 was entered.
9. Click the green OK check mark in the Modify box to enter the diameter value.
10. Click the green OK check mark in the Manager area to finish defining the circle.

Resource: http://technicalvnplus.com/khoa-hoc-solidworks-co-khi