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Creating a new IDW template


New member
Hello everyone,

I have a question reguarding how to make a new idw template. I have an IDW file that has all the features that I want added to it and I would like to make it my default IDW everytime I make a new IDW. I went in and replaced the Standard.idw and changed that to Standard2.idw and made the IDW i want to use called Standard.idw as described in the manual. My problem is when i open a new Standard.idw from the new file menu, it somes up with a box that says "select component" and wants me to search for a document name for parts the things that I added to my new IDW file. When I made the IDW, i brought in 2 IPT files and inserted a bmp file with my companies logo and put them next to the title block bc i was unable to edit my original title block and add in the information i needed. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this or knows of an easier way to do this, im open to any suggestions.


Josh Newsom
CAD Designer
Research and Development
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New member
To create a drawing template, please refer following steps;

1) Create a new drawing, using an existing template based on the desired drafting standard. If necessary, use the Styles and Standards Editor to create and edit styles supplied with the drafting standard. Customize or create the drawing resources, including sheet formats, borders, title blocks, and sketched symbols.
[Note: To copy a drawing resource from one template or drawing to another, right-click the resource in the browser, and then select Copy from the menu. Paste the resource to the appropriate folder in the browser of the other drawing.]

2) Customize the default sheet and add any other sheets that you want in new drawings. Place the default base views and projected views.

3) Set the properties for the file.
Save the file in the Autodesk\Inventor<version>\Templates folder or a subfolder of Templates. A drawing file automatically becomes a template when it is saved to the Templates folder.
[Note: The file standard.idw in the Templates folder is the default drawing template. To replace the default template, rename standard.idw to avoid deleting it, and then replace it with the customized template that has the same name.]

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