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Creating a variable Thin wall section


New member
Hi everyone,

I'm designing a hollow wing section and I'm trying to create a variable skin thickness. I've created an outer profile and protruded it no problems. I then hollow out the wing using the thin wall function.

I can create a variable in the variable table so I can just type in a different skin thickness but I can't link it to the thin wall operation. I want to make it automatically change the thickness of the thin wall for whatever value i put in. Is this possible or do I have to do it manually?



Solid DNA

New member

Do you work in traditional or Synchronous?

In Synchronous, the thickness is a procedural feature, as of today procedural dimensions are not exposed in the variable table.

I would recommend to use a traditional workflow, this way the thin wall dimension will be exposed, giving you the chance to build a formula.

Can't upload picture....

But there is a small funnel at the top, click on it and make sure that all types of variables are select. Also select "both" at the bottom