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Creating convex hexagons and pentagons for a sphere (Football) ?


New member
I thought I had cracked this one, but alas, not when I come to assemble the parts. I wish to create a convex hexagon and pentagon to assemble a sphere. A true sphere, not a flat sided sphere, of which I find lots of examples.

I created a hollow sphere (that had thickness) and drew a hexagon (of correct size) and extruded cut (getting rid of the sphere leaving just the convex hexagon. pic attached). Same process for the pentagon. All looked good, but when I assemble the parts I find the extrude cut is at 90 degree to the plane, not towards the sphere center, and the hex I drew was relative to a flat plane, not the convex surface of the sphere. So they of cause are not true hexagons and have incorrect edge angles so do not mate up to become a sphere

Any guidance? anyone ? I am at a loss.


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