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Creating draft angle on complex Text shapes


New member

I have a few words in a part that need the letters to have a 12 degree draft angle. So it can be used as a mold later.

The thing is that the shape of the letters is to complex for catia to make a draft angle automatically.

I've tried to do it manually in surface design, But the problem is that on the curves the lines are seperated in hundreds of little lines making it for me impossible to close the surface.

What is a good way to create a draft angle on this?
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Super Moderator
How tall is the lettering? It might be short enough to not require draft. Or try a smaller draft angle.

You could edit the sketch and manually replace the short lines with splines or circles.

If this is something you do alot of, I'd suggest you look into some software to create better sketches of text. TYPE3 has a package, but I recommend TEXT SKETCHER ($100). You might be able to find a free script if you search the internet.

Good news: 3d text is included in CATIA V6!