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Creating holes on a non-planar surface


New member
Hello everyone,

I am new to solidworks but I am quickly learning with the help of several youtube videos as I need to use Solidworks in my project.

Actually, I have a drawing. I could not attach the solidwork file because I get the message that this is an invalid file but it's quite like a funnel (according to the jpeg image I have attached).

I need to create a circular array of holes on the slopped part of this funnel-like assembly. I have seen several youtube videos on how to do this. The main solution is to extrude a cut and then try to flatten it and then make the array of holes according to a curve.

The problem is that this method does not work in my case and I am pretty frustrated on how to do it.

Your help, advice and feedback is highly appreciated in this matter,

Kind regards,




New member
You can zip the file and attach that to your post.

What you need to do is create a plane tangent to the cone surface. You can then create a sketch on the plane which you can use to cut. You can array the cut afterwards.