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Creating new points based on a formula

Rishi Sabesan

New member
Hi everyone,
I am currently constructing a 3D model of an aircraft. I have parametrised the fuselage length of the aircraft so a user can extend and shrink the length of the plane.
Now i am up to building the windows, and ultimately I would like the number of windows to be proportional to the length of the fuselage.

Is there a way to make it such that CATIA will generate more windows along the aircraft if I change my fuselage length parameter?
I have already made a formula that calculates the number of windows required and another parameter that calculates the spacing required between each. I am having a hard time finding a tool that will allow me to create a set of points based on those two parameters.

I have built a sketch of one window, and plan on translating it all the way down the aircraft based on that set of points.



Super Moderator
Could you use a Rectangular Pattern to duplicate the windows?

If not, you can create a set of points using the Points & Planes Repetition tool:

a. switch to Generative Shape Design workbench


c. change Parameter mode to INSTANCES & SPACING
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