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Creating sections in CATIA


New member
Is there any way to create a section view in part designing in CATIA. We can do it in Pro/ENGINEER with the help of view manager, how is it possible in CATIA???


Super Moderator
There are several ways to see sections of a part:

a. when working in a sketch, use the section tool Cut Section With Sketch Plane to see the cross section

b. do a Split to cut the part in half with a plane

c. do a GSD Intersect of the section plane with the PartBody to see all the lines and curves

d. but the best way is to insert the part into an assembly, and use the assembly Sectioning tool

e. NEW in release V5R21: use the Sectioning tool directly in Part Design
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HI Everyone. I really need to touch base on sectioning within catia again because for some reason I cannot seem to find a "correct" way.
Assuming I have a part with a very deep bore and there are many grooves inside the bore and I need to create fillets or chamfers in the corners of the grooves. Technically I should be able to create a section which I can toggle on or off. (like in solidworks) so that I am able to create additional features within the bore.

So I'm going comment on Mr Catia's different methods as he stated above point by point and hopefully Mr Catia can further shed some light on this because I have searched high and low on the internet about sectioning and have not found a correct solution which suits the intent mentioned above other than this thread which is the closest I've gotten.

a. This works only in sketcher

b. I agree this works and is the only solution I have found which satisfies the intent. Is this the correct way?? It can't be. Not from a software which has so many capabilities.

c. GSD Intersect....I still have to wrap my head around this one. It May be similar to a split. I don't know the GSD workbench well enough.

d. Sectioning within an assembly. Yes this works and is successful in creating a section but it does not satisfy the intent of working within a bore in the part design workbench.

e. Using the sectioning tool directly in the part design workbench....this would be the correct way.....I assume you are referring the the Icon which Looks like a Sphere with a plane infront of the sphere. If this is what you are referring to please explain how this works. The only sectioning tool I can see is this one and it is only used for sectioning a "Product" (assembly). I can bring the icon into the Part Design workbench but it is basically inactive as it has no function within this workbench.

So in a nut shell option b is working and satisfies the intent but once again is this the correct way?? I'm not so sure.

Any further input on this would be extremely appreciated as this has mind boggled me for quite some time.


Super Moderator
To look inside a part and select features to modify or add, CATIA has two methods that might be useful:

1. Use the Depth tool to crop (or section) geometry based on the viewing direction,

2. Use the Fly and Turn Head tools to get inside of a part or assembly.

But, to add fillets to the bore; personally I would just add Corners and/or Chamfers to the sketch (assuming you have a Groove defining the bore).

Tip: When adding many corners to a sketch, if the corners are the same radius, all the Corners can be added in one step by selecting all the vertex points first (use CTRL key), click the Corner icon, and type in the radius in the menu on the top of the screen. The radius constraints will automatically to linked to one constraint.
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