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Creating spline with minimum radius issue


I am getting some images CNC's out of steel and am trying to prepare the DXF file. I created the image in Illustrator then opened up the AI file in Solidworks. I initally saved to DXF straight away before emailing to the CNCing guy, but he sent it back saying there was multiple line segments plus all acute angles need to have a fillet of 0.6mm applied to them.

So I started fitting splines to the segments with a threshold of 0.6mm but it still leaves me with too small angles. It's my first time using the spline fit so I may well be doing it wrong but I can't figure it out. I started manually fixing each angle by over laying a 1.2mm diameter circle and then trimming, but that will take me forever as I have 20 files to fix.

I have attached a raw file if anyone could give me some ideas on how to get this done?

Thanks a million


View attachment FishTag1.zip