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CREO Elements migration to Parametric


Dear all,

I have to manage a massive migration of machine's 3D models made with CREO elements direct design into Parametric. The outputs must be made with variants and options.
I am not familiar with the process, is there any way to made it automatically?

I will be very grateful to anyone may help me.

Best regards

I’ve been a big user of both the parametric and elements of Creo, even used elements in the day when it was Cocreate and before then when it was Solid Designer and ME10. I’ve used parametric from Proengineer 16 through to Creo 7.0
Alas I have not heard of a translation from Elements to Parametric. I will image there is a translation the other way around. You have to understand these both developed as 2 separate cad packages from 2 different companies, it must be difficult to combine them to work fully. Also it is not in PTC’s interest to have this translation. They will want people to move over from Elements to their mainstream Parametric.
If you or your company need support rebuilding the models ask here or ask me to help. I have a load of time to do these things.