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Custom Properties In IIF Statement


New member
I am trying to create a custom property that appears in the BOM to be used to help specify the material type.

Example: I have an aluminum hollow tube with some OD and ID (both are custom properties). I want to round these values to 2 decimal points and then concatenate them. So if OD was .543 and ID was .194, I would get a result of .54x.19. I have gotten thus far by doing the following:

custom properties:SW Help.jpg
OD = .543
ID = .194
SubCat = "[email protected]"x"[email protected]"

global variables:
rOD = round("OD",2)
rID = round("ID",2)

However, I only want to use this custom property, SubCatName, if another custom property is greater than 0. I can't seem to put the "SubCatName" in the result of an IIF statement in the equation for a global variable.

Is this possible? I'm hoping there is a simple enough workaround that won't require any changes to our business tool that we use to analyze our BOM. Thanks in advance.