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Default parabolic result


Super Moderator
The online Help explains the Conic command fairly well.

If the Default Parabolic Result is on (orange), the conic curve will be a parabola (not a hyperbola or ellipse)


New member
The type of conic arc depends on the value of the parameter or other constraints that we have used to define it. According to the online help:

Parameter: ratio ranging from 0 to 1 (excluded), this value is used to define a passing point (M in the figure below) and corresponds to the OM distance/OT distance.
If parameter = 0.5, the resulting curve is a parabola
If 0 < parameter < 0.5, the resulting curve is an arc of ellipse,
If 1 > parameter > 0.5, the resulting curve is a hyperbola.

Do you think that we can get a parabolic arc by setting the parameter value > 0.5 and highlighting the default parabolic result option? I don't think so.


Super Moderator
Afrouz, I agree with you, and I think you've discovered a software bug. I guess the parameter value is used to define the conic curve, and the "parabola default" option is ignored.

When I'm using conic curves for design, I don't care what kind of curve I'm using, provided the curve does what it's supposed to do.