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DEMO tokamak

Hi all,

I was on the revit forum getting help designing my tokamak building complex, but I need to design the tokamak itself for the DEMO reactor. It would be great to get ITER schematics as they are a government project and should give their stuff free to taxpayers. Just mtc. I was hoping that anyone could start working with me on the project. I started my corporation and am recruting for a demo tokamak designer. It might not pay until the reactor is online, but if we are smart about it, then there could be some roi. I think it can work. I am awaiting the results of the ITER project to see what the magic geometry and formula is. I hope that it is something that we can all use to get ahead in the world of progress. For serious people, fusion might work, but it is a high risk high reward venture. I need a lot of files, a good cloud based integration scheme, a good file management system, some help getting drawings from physicists and more generally, help from designers who have the right controlling field design. THink of a relief on the inner radius of the toroid. I hope this is all good.




I would be glad to assist you.
Sent you PM with further details.
Hoping for prompt response.

Here are my questions:

Where can I learn CATIA and find a job to support myself while doing it?
Can I build a tokamak to provide fusion energy?



Super Moderator
Where can I learn CATIA?
Many colleges offer classes on CATIA. And most CATIA resellers offer classes.

Where can I find a job to support myself?
There are many job search engines on the internet (Monster, CareerBuilder, etc) that can help you find a job. Many engineering companies will teach you CATIA for free after they hire you, if you have an engineering background and some CAD experience.