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Design Table-Configurations


New member
Hi, i'm a beginner of Catia and i have a project about design tables of catia and parameters, etc. I have created an excel file-design table for a catia part and i want to create a different catia part for each configuration of the design table. Is there any simple way to do this? I don't mean to do it by manually saving different parts, because it's pointless when i have 100 different cases-configurations!
Please help!!
Thanks in advance!!


Super Moderator
This is a little out of my area of expertise, but I believe there are Catalog tools that will automatically build a series of the parts from a design table/spreadsheet.


New member
As far as I used Catalog, I didn't find anything that solve my problem, but I'll check it again. In addition to this, I want these new series of parts automatically change their parameters through design table.
If anyone knows any tool to do this, please post it.
Thanks for quick reply!


New member
Thanks to you I searched deeper in Catalog tools and I found a solution. It was about resolving my catalog chapter and through catalog editor(Options) new catia parts have been created in a folder of my choice!!