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Detail View Boundary Line Type - Standard?


New member
Hi All. This isn't specifically a Catia question but it's what I use mainly.

When creating a detail view eg. the boundary is a circle, I automatically get a solid line for the circle and then a leader with the detail letter. Is there a standard for this line type? I have conflicting views at my place of work saying that the boundary line should be dotted on the view that the detail is being created from. If I wanted to change this line type can it be done automatically on creation rather than going back and changing line properties?



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The line type depends on your company's drafting standards.

Hopefully your company's CATIA system administrator customized the default CATIA settings to match the drafting standards. This will eliminate you having to change it every time.
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you can go to tools>option>mechanical design>drafting>view> then under the "apply 3d specification" choose configure.

you can set up all those generating lines to those

hope this may help