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difference between cad drafting and cad designing


New member
Is there any difference between cad drafting and cad designing.
drafting usually entails the mark up, refinement or ammendment of pre-existing drawings or sketches

design involves the entire engineering process to get an idea into CAD
Cad Drafting is hard copy whereas cad designing is soft copy .You can see 3d design in cad designing but in cad drafting, not possible


CAD packages can be used for designing whether they be 2D or 3D. And they can all be used for drafting (formal drawings of parts for manufacture and assembly). So think of 99% of them as being Computer Aided Design & Drafting programs. I think what you may be wondering is what CAD packages are better suited for different tasks and that really depends on what your needs are.


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Difference between CAD Design and Drafting

Is there any difference between cad drafting and cad designing.
Drafting creates an outline of all the components and elements needed to make the finished product. It is a detailed technical drawing that can cover one segment of the mechanical device or structure or all of it.
Every lay man is acquainted with design. Design is a preliminary sketch or outline showing the main features of something to be executed.


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Drafting is related to creating 2D technical drawings while Design involves conception and 3D modelling. So using Computer Aided Design, a designer comes up with ideas and brings them to reality. While the draftsman job is to convert them into 2D drawings to make sense "technically". A draftsman has the knowledge of using various standards for documenting the designs.
In most product design firms, the responsibility of a design engineer involves both designing and drafting. But when it comes to architecture, the draftsman plays a significant role as 2d drawings are still the way of documenting the layouts.
Hope this will helps you