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Dimension ’Read only’ why?

New to Solidworks. Have done the tutorials.

Did a new part and I am not able to double click dimensions in the drawing sheet to get a 'modify dimension' box to open. i.e. the Dimension window opens up to the left side of the screen and when I open the properties window it shows the dimension as 'Read only'.

Also a second problem. When trying to produce a Section view, it doesn't see a hole and orb port???? If I delete the section view, and try again to do a section view of a different view, the view name advances and still does not show the hole or orb port. eg. says the previous name was M-M then the new section is N-N although M-M doesn't even exist????
Have resaved the part and the drawing and even rebooted Solidworks (2006)


G. Andersson
Hello George,

1st problem

1st possibility:

When SolidWorks is installed you are aksed if dimensions in drawings are to be able to take an effect on models. If during the initial installation this box was overlooked then you will not be able to change any models directly from your drawings. If this can be changed after the installation I do not know.

2nd possibility:

you have failed to import the diemsions directly from the model. In this case you have added the dimesions by hand (afterwards) and these have no effect on your model. You can see a difference between these two types of dimensions. The ones which allow you to change the model are blacker (darker) than dimesions which have been added afterwards.

3rd possibility:

For reasons unknown to me, your drawings are write protected. Check under Windows in the file properties.

2nd problem

assuming the hole is really where you put it then the section you are creating is not cutting it exactly where it is. Sections in can be a little problematic in any CAD as you need to know the exact position of everything in your model to be able to cut through it. You will have to just practice here a little. Make sure that the direction of your cut is correct!

The "N-N" and "M-M" labels are automatically set by SolidWorks. You can either accept them or change them as you wish in the property manager. At the end of the day it makes no real difference which labes you use providing your drawing is still clearly defined so that others can read them.

I hope this has helped.

Kind regards,

George White.

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