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Dimension setting


New member
I am working on a drawing whose dimensions appear yellow in color instead of color bylayer. when I try to change them to bylayer, the text size increases to almost three times, can any one help me to fix this..?? all i need to do is change the color from yellow to bylayer.


New member
Format menu drop down, Dimension style, select the dimension style you're using, then modify. Text tab (also lines and symbols and Arrows) using the top 3 left side drop downs set everything to "by layer"). Close out by saying OK. Regen all. If you dim's dont change insert a new random dimension. It should have the new properties. Do a matchprop command, select your new dim 1st, then your others to match them to the first.


New member
Hi Benard,
Reset DIMCLRT to 0 and regarding the problems that you are facing with text size, check if your STYLE you are using in the dimensions has a height set to it. If so make the necessary changes as if the hieght is set in your STYLE it will override the DIMTXT.

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