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Dimensioning an assembly in Catia V5R20


I receive complete assembly 3D drawings from customers and suppliers. Often, I need to dimension the assembly from many angles and points, so "measure between 2 points" is not enough. I think I am in the wrong view/workspace for dimensioning, but I cannot get there from here. Can someone post the steps to take an assembly to a point where I can dimension everything? That would be a HUGE help. Thanks in advance.



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Jason, I'm not sure if you're asking about dimensions on a drawing or measuring the distance between two parts ?

To get dimensions; first you want to make a drawing and then create various views of the the assembly (front, side, auxillary, section, etc). Once you have the views you can add whatever dimensions you need. Just select one or two features in the same view to get a dimension. CATIA figures out the view.

To measure size and distance; use the Measure icons on the bottom of the screen. The Measure tool will provide the size of one feature; such as diam of hole, length of a line, coordinates of point. The Measure Between tool will provide distance/angle between two features; such as distance between faces, angle between edges, distance between holes, etc). And the Inertia tool will provide mass properties of a part or assembly
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Dimensioning issues


Thanks for the post. My question was based on a customer sending a finished 3D assembly, which looks awesome, great color, fun to spin around in space to impress your friends, but gives me no information. I really would like to learn how to go back to the "drawing" portion/screen/menu of the assembly and then add my dimensions and even look at different views. That would be very, very good.
I have played with the measure between two points, and it is usually only partially helpful. The point is off, the line is some random diagonal, etc. etc. Plus, when I push the OK button the dimensions disappear. I am new to Catia, and at least need to get this part of the software working - otherwise it's just to see pretty pictures.
How do I go "back" from the assembly view? And to where? I know there is an area where there is a "dimension" icon which opens up a small menu of dimension choices, and that is what I am looking for.

Any ideas would be welcome!!


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What type of data are you getting from your customer? The CATIA data would be many files with extensions of CATPart or CATProduct. Maybe you're looking at 3DXML or CGR data instead? What software are you running to view this assembly? "measures between two points" is not a CATIA command, so I'm not sure what you're working with.

Although CATIA is similar to other CAD systems, it is a little different and can be hard to learn without training. Is it possible to get the company that sold you CATIA to show you some of the basics, such as how to make a drawing from your assembly. Unfortunatley, the steps involved are too detailed to explain in a forum like this.
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Catia files


The files always come in as *.stp files. I can open in Catia V5R20 and then save as a *.catpart. They will always come in as the finished assembly.
I was afraid you would say that about the assembly dimensions. And the measure between two points icon is on the bottom toolbar with a little ruler on it. You posted about it before.



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Thanks Jason, you definitely have CATIA data.

With the measure tools you should be able to get any "dimension" you want. As I suggested in the other post ( http://www.3dcadforums.com/catia-fo...suring-dimensions-assy-shape-designs-wbs.html ), changing the selection modes to Any Geometry, Unlimited should give you good results for most measures.

Have you figured out the Quick View tools and Sectioning tool yet? I would think both would be very useful to explore the customer's models.
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