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New member
Hello I have a question that is driving me crazy to figure out.

I drew a logo with maybe 500 lines and arcs, extruded it and added some chamfers.

In the sketch there are a bunch of relations that are valid, parallel lines, etc. I ended up selecting "Fully define sketch" and it added about 40 dimensions.

It looks great. Now I want to resize it precisely.

I can't figure out how this is suppose to be done. All I really want to do is scale it proportionally based on length or height.

I use the scale command and nothing happens. I looked at trying to dimension using equations but I don't think this is the right answer.

Videos and Google are not helping.

One issue I don't understand too is that if I scale it I would want the chamfers and depth to change too.

Any hints for me. Videos, articles even books that explain how this should be done.