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Dirt Cheap CAD software


Hello all,
I did a couple searches in the FAQ for this but didn't see anything (sorry if I missed it!!) But I am looking to start a small business out of my garage and would greatly benefit from having CAD software. The problem is I have very little startup capital so I'm wondering if any of you know of a 3D CAD program that is dirt cheap(free would be best but I doubt it exists legally) just to help me get off the ground?

Thank you very much!


New member
You can use Blender.It is a free and opensource software which you can use.It is simple and has very good interactive features.
FreeCAD is free

Blender is not a CAD software, Think you can do a lot with FreeCAD.
Next cheaper software is TurboCAD I will try this today and let you know if it is good.
They have a free trail.


Too late but just to add... Choosing Blender would be a Blunder, as it's made for 3D Modeling plus Sculpting (not for CAD). Your best bet would be Autodesk Fusion 360 or Alibre whose marketing statement is 'Most affordable Commercial CAD Software', 10% of Solidworks if I'm not wrong. FreeCAD (open source) is good enough for Part Modelling but there could be some bugs at Assembly level (from what I read)


Blender is not CAD.. the file formats it created are not gears for manufacturing.
A comparatively cheap CAD is Rhino which can be extremely complex and yet manfacturable designs.

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