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DMU kinematics question


New member
So basically, I'm doing this industrial robot for college, and I'm supposed to make a video of it. It's a palletizer, so some things are supposed to be parallel. My question is: how do I make them parallel even in simulation? I tried constraints but I don't really know how to properly define them, since I'm just a beginner at Catia. I'll put a picture so you could know what am I talking about.

Btw, I've put these parallel constraints just to make clear what is supposed to be parallel. I've connected parts with revolute joints, with 3 of them being angle driven.
Any help is appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: I edited the picture, since the first one was too small.


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Looks like the linkages in the robot's design will maintain the parallelism automatically. I see two 4-bar linkages that look like parallelograms. I don't think you have to add parallelism constraints.

I also see DOF=0 which is a good sign. What are the 3 driving rotations?
That seems great. Do you know if there is a demo version of catia. I can download it and help you. I am really interested in this programming as I have learned revit, solidworks, and autocad. I also tried aspire and some cnc machining language. The ideas I have are all about getting massive projects built. It is a dream to get the next generation ITER plant designed. I hope to produce fusion. Let's work on your project and if you help me then I can help you. I hope this is good.


New member
I've managed to do this by using KINTime formula to synchronize movement of 2 parts. Thanks for your help guys.

Btw I don't think there's demo version of Catia. My college gave me student version of it and that's what I'm using.


Super Moderator
I've managed to do this by using KINTime formula to synchronize movement of 2 parts.
KINTime must be a new feature in CATIA - I'll have to look into it. The old way to coordinate multiple input commands was very awkward to use. Thanks!