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Draft angle on a cylinder face


New member
Hello gents and ladies, I am having trouble drafting a the face of a cylinder. I need a 7 degree natural draft on both top and bottom of the cylinder face. I have tried the advance draft tool to both sides at once but there is always an error saying the operation has too large of an impact on the body or another error is that the natural element is too steep . I have also tried the regular draft tool and it also comes up with errors. Is there a way to do this without using generative shape design?

Thanks for your time!


Super Moderator
The Draft tool should work, but there are many other ways to can accomplish this using Part Design tools. One way is to make a sketch of the top and bottom 7° lines and use Pocket to remove the two tapered sections.

Here's how to do it with Draft:
draft on cylinder.JPG
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New member
Thanks MrCatia, but I am want to do a natural draft. The Picture shows a back draft. A natural draft used the top and bottom of the shaft as the natural elements, so Natural element =/= parting element. I figured out how to do it tho. I first had to create a draft on the sides of the cylinder. So the circle shape is not a perfect circle, it has a draft on the sides tangent to the circle and coincide to the parting plane, as seen in the picture. Doing that seperates the cilinder shape into top and bottom sections that can be selected and the natural elements. Only select the circular surface of each section, dont select the additional draft surface and it work!