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Drawing Orientation


New member
Where has the Drawing Orientation feature [Portrait/Landscape] gone in the
Plot window? I am using ACAD 2007. Any suggestions?
Look in the lower right of the plot dialog, see an arrow in a circular button, press that. Part of the plot dialog is tucked away because you are "supposed" to be using Page Setups-- which are actually pretty good, save time, remove need to remember to check boxes like "portrait" == give them a shot!
little arrow...

when you open the plot dialog, there should be a little arrow in the bottom right corner for "more options"
it's over there now.

oops, been out of town, going in order of received emails and didn't see any replies before i replied.


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set a print page

A good way to solve that is: Go with a right click on label model on your bottom left and choose page setup manager, and modify *model*, in there you can set the printer, print window and landscape or portrait for all layouts and your model space, doing that you will set all drawing even if close the draw and open again... saving your time! or you gonna set every time you wanna plot.

I hope that helps!!

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